Printable Resources

K-8 Energizers

This site has printable pdfs with lots of activities that involve minimal prep and equipment. These activities are matched with grade-level curricular content. 

Active Academics

Active academics has a bank of activities available for grades pre-K through 8 and a search tool for specific curriculum content areas. It does require you to create a free account online. 

ABC for Fitness

Clicking on the image will take you directly to the teacher resource manual. There are activities for grade K-5, with classroom content worked into the activities.

American Heart Association

These are ideas for classroom activities.  There is not much "how-to" but this site provides a lot of inspiration for the value of quick breaks from teaching content.

Let's Move West Virginia

This is a large resource guide for classroom physical activity - scroll to the middle for active lessons and activity breaks. 

5210 Let's Go

This site has a set of printable cards that you can put on a binder ring, created by a school in Maine. Most of the activities are not integrated with curricular concepts.  

Video resources

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a web resource with 100+ videos. Many videos offer physically active lessons, although some are just activity breaks. It does require you to create a free account online.

Jammin' Minutes

This site provides 54 separate videos of activity leaders alongside students performing the activities, with music. Whereas Go Noodle is animated, these videos have more of a "home video" feel and have actual students demonstrating the activities. 

Just Dance Kids

Just Dance is a video game for kids, where they follow the dance that the avatar is doing. Some videos are available on YouTube with a search of  "just dance kids" - see if your class has requests!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

These are videos for yoga, meant to provide relaxation. Choose between longer story videos or brief guided relaxation videos.