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RESOURCES: Materials for classroom teachers

Browse the resources list to find ways to integrate physical activity into your classroom!

RESEARCH: The evidence on physical activity and academic outcomes

Find the latest research regarding the effects of physical activity on student behavior and achievement in school. 

Putting activity into practice

We have been working in schools to learn more about what teachers and school leaders think about activity in the classroom, and how it benefits students. 

This 5 minute video shows what activity breaks looks like in practice, and what some teachers, students, and administrators have to say about the benefits of physical activity in the classroom.

What are teachers saying?

Teachers have given us lots of great advice and feedback about why they use activity breaks, and what works for them and their students. Here are some of their words of wisdom:

It helps students stay on task

"I have a squirrely bunch and it has really helped them.” 

- grade 3 teacher

"After a break, their engagement level will increase.”

- grade 1 teacher

“It does help the kids stay on task for a longer period of time.”  

- grade 4 teacher

“You’re wasting a lot of time when they’re not focusing anyway. So, actually I think you get more done if you get them focused and then try to continue… it’s worth the break, really.”  

- grade 5 teacher

Students enjoy it!

"They love it!"

- grade 2 teacher

“It was so much fun together…I felt like it bonded us more."

- grade 3 teacher 

Students know that it works for them

"I have one student who says 'I know I need to move around because it’s so good for my brain.' ”

- grade 3 teacher  

“The kids would say, ‘I think we need to do a quiet yoga.’ They would be specific… ‘We need to do a quiet-down one’ or ‘We need to do a revved-up one.’ ”  

- grade 1 teacher

How do you make it work during a busy school day?

"I have certain areas of the day where I know they fade, so I purposefully will make sure to do a physical activity break. I even write it into my lessons, so I don’t forget.” 

– grade 1 teacher  

“Like with anything new, start slow and take it a chunk at a time. Bite off a piece. And don’t take off too much because that causes frustration and then you just quit.” 

– grade 3 teacher

“I have a student job to remind me to do a physical activity break every day. If I put a child in charge, they remember - because it’s their thing.” 

– grade 4 teacher   

Don't give up!

“Give it a good run before you decide it’s not worth your time!”

- grade 5 teacher

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